International Business Law

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In today’s global economy, businesses become international. At Efstathios C. Efstathiou LLC we specialise in International Business law and we believe that the global approach of a business should not be limited within its internal management but should also extend to its advisors. With a truly international approach, our international business lawyers can provide pragmatic solutions to businesses operating in a global level for their most challenging assignments.


Our law firm is committed to provide pragmatic and solution-oriented advice to international businesses. Our international business lawyers know how international markets operate and are devoted to convert our clients’ needs into solutions. When a company implements an international focus, firm legal planning is an indispensable element of its success.   Our international business law services consist of:


  • International contracts
  • International IP issues
  • International Mergers and Acquisitions
  • International joint ventures
  • International trade
  • Cross border litigation
  • International arbitration