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Kidnapping & False Imprisonment Lawyer in Cyprus


Efstathios C. Efstathios LLC is adept at defending several severe allegations, including kidnapping and false imprisonment. Our firm Efstathios C. Efstathios LLC has a reputation for dedication and for producing excellent legal defense for our clients, which is why we handle the most prominent criminal cases in all of Cyprus.


If you’re under investigation for alleged charges of kidnap and false imprisonment, seeking legal consultation with experts is critical. These offences are exclusively brought up in Assize Court because of their severity and punishment. The sentencing by the Courts will always be a big one, with life imprisonment being the highest.


Perceptive Mentality


The sentences and penalties for such crimes are extreme. It’s wise to have the legal expertise of our team of lawyers at Efstathios C. Efstathios LLC right from the start. People make the common mistake of hiring lawyers after the charges have been made against them. This sort of approach is detrimental to their case.


It is critical to be on top of things as early as the investigation part of the proceedings. Successful defense against allegations relies heavily on preemptive legal consultation with your defense team.


Compliance and communication channels with the Police at investigation stages can often yield beneficial outcomes. In certain instances, the charges are either dropped entirely or altered and reduced to lessen their severity.




Kidnap under common law is a proven offence. Kidnap consists of four components and they are as follows. The first is the moving of one person by another. Secondly, this removal is via the use of force or fraud. Thirdly, the consent of the person being moved is absent. The final component of the kidnap charge is that the movement is done without lawful excuse.


It is common for kidnap charges to be associated with further criminal acts, and separate charges are brought for them. An example of this is sexual assault allegations. If the alleged victim is a minor, then a separate charge of Child abduction is also added for the accused.


False imprisonment


Another offence under common law is flase imprisonment, but it is different from the charge of kidnap. False imprisonment exclusively involves the wrongful detainment of the victim and does not include the moving away of the victim.


Generally, domestic cases fall into this category. An illustration of this is if a person is confined by their partner in a locked room or a vehicle. Their partner prevents them from leaving. This offence will be added on top of separate specific assault charges, or it could fall within coercion and abuse.


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The legal teams at Efstathios C. Efstathios LLC have concluded that being directly involved in the investigation stages is worth pursuing. Efstathios C. Efstathios LLC has access to a tightly connected network of veteran defense legal experts.


All the issues are handled with due diligence, and everything is considered relating to the evidence presented. Evidence ranges from cell data and cell site analysis, firgerprints, and D.N.A samples, which can be helpful in defense preparation.


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