Private Property Management

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Taking advantage of our experience in corporate law, property law, intellectual property, tax law, labor law and law, we provide quality services with a business focus. Every institutional investor, company and capital can face a financial crisis. It goes without saying that this is a very difficult and stressful situation for all involved. Good bargaining skills, combined with a good knowledge of many branches of law, can make a difference.


At our office, we work together with our customers to devise solutions to any issue that may concern them. We represent institutional creditors and lenders in all aspects of corporate reorganization and bankruptcy in Cyprus and advise on recovery strategies.


Our business covers share capital increases, capital restructuring, recalls, mergers, business sales, bankruptcy procedures and reorganization plans, as well as general advice.


We undertake:

  • Individual and family income
  • Donations and parental benefits
  • Property planning
  • Family investment funds
  • Property management
  • Trusts
  • Hereditary issues
  • Pre-marriage contracts
  • Inherited succession arrangements
  • Cross-border investments
  • Disputed issues
  • Divorce and custody of children
  • Structure of asset retention methods