Whether it is an upgrading of an existing business or the launch of a new e-business (either in the form of an e-shop or in the form of e-services), it is imperative for each trader to acquire familiarity with the legal provisions (E commerce law) that could affect his business.


When a business runs from the internet, issues arise that would not arise in an enterprise in its classical form (out-of-home business). The peculiarity of the e-market electronics market requires special knowledge but also proper legal and tax planning to ensure the efficiency of the e-business.


The Internet provides access to an international market. The online market is probably the most flexible market available and e-commerce is a rapidly growing industry. Nevertheless, the point at which an online business will take place can greatly affect its viability and profitability. E-commerce law calls for lawyers specialising in e-commerce.


Among other things, we advise and represent about:


  • Starting an online business in England
  • Starting an online business in Cyprus
  • Starting an online business Greece
  • Intellectual and industrial property issues arising from the Internet
  • Personal data issues
  • Electronic advertising issues
  • Tips on choosing a country for e-business
  • Drawing up commercial contracts with the applicable law of England
  • Drawing up commercial contracts governed by Cyprus law
  • Drawing up commercial contracts governed by Greek law
  • Terms and conditions of e-commerce stores
  • Legal content of e-commerce web sites
  • Legal disputes arising from the exploitation of an online business
  • Issues of commercial requirements