International Mergers And Acquisitions

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Our law firm acts for its clients in matters of mergers and acquisitions at national and cross-border level. International mergers and acquisitions are those in which there is (or is created) an international dimension. An international dimension to a takeover of a business may exist in several cases, such as when one of the parties is abroad or when foreign law is used in the takeover agreement.


An in-house acquisition of an enterprise can gain an international dimension by establishing a foreign company of Cyprus interests in order to use it as a special purchase vehicle (SPV) for the acquisition of a Cyprus business.


Efstathios C. Efstathiou LLC is an active firm in the field of International Mergers and Acquisitions and irrespective of whether the acquisition of a business is by nature international or whether it is of an international nature due to the particular business purposes of the parties.


By being in the best position to advise on legal issues of Cyprus and English commercial law, we are well equipped to advise and represent our principles and issues of International Mergers and acquisitions.