Private Prosecution

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In this age of austerity the state prosecution agencies are increasingly unable to dedicate the time and resources that are required to launch successful criminal proceedings. Where such a hurdle is encountered private prosecution can provide victims of crime with a viable alternative route to achieving justice.


Commencing and seeing through a private prosecution is not a step to be undertaken lightly.  There are always significant costs involved and there is currently no legal aid available to support these proceedings. We can help to mitigate the costs involved by planning and streamlining the investigation and bringing those responsible to account as swiftly and efficiently as possible.


Efstathios C. Efstathiou Criminal Defence team have experience of advising and conducting prosecutions for a varied range of clients including:


  • victims of fraud , forgery and general criminal offences;
  • organisations who take action against dishonest or fraudulent employees.
  • professional regulators who bring actions for illegal practice.
  • industry regulators who can use criminal enforcement alongside their civil enforcement regime;
  • charities who use criminal prosecutions to further their charitable objectives
  • businesses who use criminal enforcement to protect their intellectual property;
  • victims who have suffered loss as a result of lies told by others during court proceedings.



You can contact our dedicated team of professionals here at Efstathios C. Efstathiou LLC in order to assist you with any matters relating to this service. We will sit down with you, here out your side of view, and consult you accordingly as to what is the best route.