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Divorce can be a challenging and emotional process for everyone involved, particularly when children are in the picture. At Efstathios C. Efstathiou, we recognize the importance of protecting the rights and well-being of children during divorce proceedings. Our dedicated team of family lawyers is committed to guiding you through the complexities of divorce, ensuring that your children’s needs and best interests are always at the forefront.


Overview of Children in Divorce


Children in divorce cases can be affected in various ways, both emotionally and practically. Young children may struggle to understand the concept of divorce and may feel uncertain about what their future holds. Older children may feel frustration or anger towards their parents and may experience anxiety or stress about adjusting to changes in their living situation.


At Efstathios C. Efstathiou, we understand the importance of ensuring that your children’s needs are met during divorce proceedings. We work with you to develop a plan for your children’s care and well-being that is tailored to your family’s unique circumstances and needs.


Issues relating to divorce and separation


During divorce and separation, issues may arise that can impact the emotional, financial, and practical well-being of your children. Such issues may include:


Child custody


Child custody refers to the right of a parent to make decisions about their child’s upbringing. This can include decisions about education, religion, healthcare, and other significant areas of the child’s life. In Cyprus, child custody laws are governed by the Family Law, which sets out the legal rights and obligations of parents about their children. Our Child Custody Lawyers in Cyprus can help you with this.


Child support


Child support is a financial obligation that parents have towards their children. The purpose of child support is to ensure that children’s basic needs, such as food, shelter, and clothing, are adequately met. Child support is determined based on several factors, such as the income of the parents and the needs of the child.


Visitation rights


Visitation rights, also known as access rights, refer to a parent’s right to spend time with their child after a divorce. Visitation rights can be decided by mutual agreement or through a court order. In Cyprus, courts typically recognize the importance of maintaining a strong relationship between parent and child when setting visitation schedules.


Abduction and taking children abroad


Another concern that may arise during divorce proceedings is the possibility of international parental child abduction. This occurs when a parent takes their child to another country without the other parent’s consent or against a court order. International parental child abduction can have severe consequences, both legally and emotionally, for both the child and the parent left behind.


At Efstathios C. Efstathiou, we understand the gravity of this situation and are here to provide you with the guidance and support you need to address the issue effectively. We can work with you to develop a strategy to locate your child and bring them back to your country of residence in a safe and timely manner.




Children in divorce cases require special consideration and attention to ensure their well-being and best interests are protected. Our team of Child Custody Lawyers in Cyprus recognize the complexity and sensitivity of these cases and are dedicated to providing you with the guidance and expert support you need to navigate them successfully. Contact us today for a confidential consultation, and let us help you defend your children’s rights and well-being.