Modern Slavery

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Strict police monitoring activity and legal penalising of offences under the Law No. 117(I) of 2019 is gaining momentum day by day. This is all being done to prevent, and fight against human trafficking, exploitation of citizens and protecting the victims.


Definition of modern slavery


The offence of slavery is done if:


  1. The person imposes his will over another and holds influence over them. The person exerting his authority knows that he’s keeping the other in slavery and servitude.
  2. The person compels the other to carry out labour and forces them through different means to keep doing it. It is within the knowledge of the person doing the compulsion that he’s forcing the other to perform the tasks.


To easily understand modern slavery, we can say that a person held against their will and compelled to perform labour is slavery. The person holding the other person captive is fully aware that he is committing the act of modern slavery.


A Dedicated Methodology Against Allegations of Modern Day Slavery


At Efstathios C. Efstathiou LLC we have an excellent track record of dealing with false charges of modern day slavery. We are always kept in the loop at every stage of the investigations, and we update our clients accordingly.


We understand and appreciate that these matters are of an intricate nature. It is quite a common occurrence that whatever is being alleged might be subject to contradiction or hearsay.


In a few instances, police have received complaints by unhappy staff members of a company. They may be an inference drawn of slavery through exaggerated statements from workers who are merely unhappy and frustrated. These allegations are usually refuted by other personnel who are happy with their job, and working conditions. They will need to voice their opinion to contradict the slander.


At Efstathios C. Efstathiou LLC, we utilise every tool at our disposal to discredit the inaccurate claims. Whether through monitoring social media platforms, text communication activity, or even witness statements, we spare no effort in defending our client.


Communication Channel With Investigators


We, at Efstathios C. Efstathiou LLC are always in contact with investigators throughout the entirety of their due process. Pointing out the flaws in their arguments, specifically the evidence which shifts the unfounded suspicion away from our client. Witness statements are also collected to support our stand.


The seasoned team of lawyers at Efstathios C. Efstathiou LLC handles the Prosecution quite proficiently. The legal obligation to examine and accept the defence’s evidence and representation is brought up at each and every stage.


Proof in Regards to Modern Slavery Allegation Cases


Whether the alleged victim was placed under physical slavery, or required to perform tasks under compulsion, it’s extremely important to determine. Every case of modern slavery allegation is different, and the various circumstances will determine the category of the offence. Multiple factors like age group, physical fitness, medical allergies, point of consent, the type of work agreed upon all are considered.


Sometimes, there are allegations of violence or the threat of violence against the alleged victim and his family. They may have been detained or their passport and other documents withheld. Payment might have not been made to them. A frequently brought up allegation is that the alleged victim was threatened to be handed over to the authorities if they didn’t comply with orders.


The prosecution will fish for any damning evidence that can be used against the defendant. These range from fraudulent misrepresentation regarding job, unsafe workspace, extortionate timings, salary deduction without reason, poor arrangements, transfering money to criminals. Other types of allegations include a toxic environment for complainants, those who raise their concerns are subjected to mockery and ridicule.


The case for establishing offence of slavery can be done so, if the victim has been exploited. The exploitation has to be in accordance with the ECHR definition. Even if the trafficking wasn’t carried out or its proof cannot be produced before the court, the offence of slavery is possible.


Investigations into slavery and servitude offences can also encompass previous crimes such as wrongful detention,  battery and assault, or even blackmail. Offences under the Modern Slavery are scrutinized closely in relation to other criminal acts like servitude and compulsive labor. Prosecutors are closely watching the evidence to include separate and additional charges in conjunction with the original charge of slavery.  An example of this is if a person has been hurt physically while also being made to work under compulsion. These are two separate charges, and the sentencing for both of them will be separate, but will be accumulated for the accused, if found guilty.


Financing Options for Cases


At Efstathios C. Efstathiou LLC, there is no financial assistance for legal representation at the iInvestigative stage of the case. Private funds are used to secure the legal services of our firm. If the prosecution goes for a trial and certain conditions are met, then  an application for legal aid can be entertained.


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