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Understanding the Term Assisting an Offender


Assisting an offender is a crime and can be explained as, if someone provides help to another in evasion of arrest or sentencing, knowing that this other person is a criminal, this is assisting an offender.


For clarity regarding assisting an offender, the crime’s penalty has to be 5 years imprisonment. The types of crimes can be execution, sexual assault, burglary, substance-related crimes, and others.


Assisting an offender is fascinating because for it to happen, another crime has to occur. The offender’s actions, which could have justifications if there’s valid reasoning, end up as criminal acts with severe punishment.


A Few Illustrations


Anyone with knowledge that the other person is guilty of the relevant criminal activity and still provides help to this person will likely be charged. The chances of being charged are high if the help provided to them includes:

  • Cleaning the criminal’s clothing article to eliminate traces of the crime.
  • Permitting the criminal to take shelter at your property.
  • Driving the criminal to various locations.
  • Concealing the tools used in criminal activities.
  • Getting rid of transportation related to crimes.


The few illustrations mentioned could also be mistakenly charged under the Perverting the Course of Justice charge (PCoJ). A distinction separates Assisting an Offender and Perverting the Course of Justice charges. The major difference is that the same person can do the latter while the former requires an outsider to interfere in criminal offence.


Who is in Danger of Being Arrested for Assisting the Offender?


Any person who has offered help to the criminal can potentially be arrested. During the start of the investigations, the authorities will suspect everyone. The investigation teams will be unaware if the person who assisted in crimes knows the offender’s crimes. The authorities often have sound logic, and for detaining someone, usually, it’s for investigative purposes.


A tactic commonly used by the authorities is to detain close confidants of the criminal under false charges of assisting the offender. Actions such as these are done to collect information regarding the primary offender.


The investigation team also abuses authority to bully suspected people for collecting evidence to be used against the criminal.


Alternatively, the authorities also threaten the primary offender’s family and friends by wrongfully pressing charges of assisting the offender. Usually, these methods have proven successful in securing confessions.


Generally, the primary offender and the suspected assistant of the offender are arrested around the same time, but it’s not necessary. There could be a gap between the arrests.


What is the related Sentence?


  • There are no sentencing guidelines for assisting an offender; however, the legislation does give maximum sentences. The maximum sentences are dependent on the seriousness of the underlying offence.
  • There are no strict regulations for the offence of assisting an offender. The law has provided a limit for maximum penalties. The punishment is entirely dependent on the severity of the primary criminal act.
  • The assisting offender will receive three years of jail for crimes such as execution, for which life imprisonment is the punishment. The maximum sentences are the limits set by the law.
  • People charged with assisting an offender will face various degrees of punishment within the prescribed limits. Depending on the seriousness of the primary offence, the level of involvement of the assistance provider, and other facts, the punishment is determined.


Steps to take if you’re Under Investigation


You have to immediately ask for legal representation for any kind of investigation. Every person questioned by the authorities will not be prosecuted. Having a legal expert by your side at the opportune time will ensure you aren’t subjected to wrongful allegations especially if things go to Court.


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