Perhaps the most important asset of a business is the trademark law it uses in the trade. Besides, this is the key element that distinguishes it from other similar businesses.


The trademark law must not be confused with the name of the business since only the first makes it possible for the registered trade mark to be used exclusively for the proprietor.


It is a fact that many young entrepreneurs in Cyprus neglect the legal protection of their brands ignoring that it is perhaps the most efficient way of gaining a significant competitive advantage in the market, while at the same time risking that someone else can first register the distinctive title by depriving them of the right to use the same mark.


Efstathios C. Efstathiou provides inter alia:


  • Trademark registration in Cyprus
  • Registration of a Community trademark
  • Registration of an international trademark
  • Signals transfers
  • License Use of a Trademark
  • Franchise
  • Disputes arising from the use of trademarks (trademark infringement)