Tax Law

Achieving the international economy depends to a large extent on compliance with a constantly evolving set of tax rules. It is therefore crucial for economic strategies and businesses and individuals to receive appropriate guidance.


Through a network of links across countries, we are working to narrow down the complexities of international tax law and propose viable solutions for the success of your goals.


By working with professionals abroad, we help our clients identify their goals and achieve their strategic goals with a tax-efficient system. We provide both advisory and judicial services to individuals and businesses. We specialize in all areas of tax law, particularly in tax planning, corporate finance, corporate acquisitions, real estate transactions and corporate reorganisations.

Properties Abroad

Now it becomes possible to acquire the property abroad that you so desired without having to bear the unnecessary stress on the legal issues of the transaction.


In most of the real estate transfer system in England, it is a question, and so it is common for many investors to postpone the property market in England, leaving them out of the more flexible property ladder.


Apart from our incomparable experience in the real estate sector in Cyprus, our associates have the ability to represent you in real estate markets in England and Greece with the same ease as in Cyprus explaining you in an understandable way each stage of the transaction.


Similarly, through links that we have abroad, we can also facilitate you in real-estate transactions in other EU countries.