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The term offences of property cover a wide range of criminal acts. Our firm Efstathios C. Efstathiou LLC, has specialist legal experts for defending all the charges related to property offences.


If you’re being accused of invasion of privacy, you are allegedly stepping on private property without the owner’s permission. You could also be facing allegations of smuggling the pickpocketed articles or doing actual harm to a property.


There are extreme variations of property offences too. These include light criminal acts such as shoplifting, having ownership of counterfeit money, or vandalism. On a broader scope, property offenses tend to be more serious criminal acts like insurance-related forgery, money laundering, or violent robbery.


At Efstathios C. Efstathiou LLC, you can rest assured that we have the skillset and personnel to tackle all property offenses allegations. We study your case files and the Prosecution’s allegations closely, scan the evidence, and cross-question the witnesses to plot your defence.


Our lawyers at Efstathios C. Efstathiou LLC also advise you to perform tasks like convincing close associates to give testimony. Our legal team will update you on the latest developments, make arrangements for pre-arrest bail, and argue to discredit the Prosecution’s allegations.


We at Efstathios C. Efstathiou LLC also look to produce a counter-narrative of events that directly conflicts with the Prosecution’s allegations. An example is a person being handed goods as a favour, who does not know the goods have been stolen. If the authorities arrest this person, he isn’t to blame for their theft.


Similar to theft, burglary involves entering the boundaries of a residence to steal something. Now, if a person who has committed burglary hands the item to you for safekeeping. Around this time, if the authorities catch you with these items, you might be called in for questioning. The session will be taped, and the camera will be used to record the statements you give.


While useful, these recording sessions do not clarify the issues of identifying the actual culprit. Hence, getting legal representation to prepare you for these interviews is extremely important. We at Efstathios C. Efstathiou LLC help our clients with such situations and other legal procedures.


Brief Understanding of Theft Charges


Theft involves illegally taking hold and having a physical claim over an item or a property by a person from the original owner.


For the Prosecution to make a full conviction of theft charges, they have to establish the three requirements of the law for criminal theft. They are:

1.)   Physically taking possession of an item or property from the owner.

2.)   There is deception in the intent of the culprit.

3.)   The culprit used fraudulent means.


While the Cyprus Criminal Code has given details regarding the three requirements, there is a complexity in the interpretation of the law. Specific terms like deceit, solicitation, malice, property, etc. have different contexts, giving rise to arguments from both the defence and the Prosecution.


The definition of theft has been elaborated more in the Cyprus Criminal Code (Cap. 154), and its jurisdiction is within the District Courts usually. Assize Courts can also take up these matters if the worth of the article of theft is high.


Understanding the Term Aggravated Burglary


An aggravated burglary is a criminal act in which the armed offender intrudes on private property, usually a private home or a building. This intruder intends to steal something while being aware that someone will be inside the premises and is prepared to attack anyone they come across.


Aggravated burglary is a serious criminal offence. If you’re accused of it, hiring professional legal services is essential. Our firm Efstathios C. Efstathiou LLC, has lots of experience dealing with aggravated burglary allegations. In the opinion of our legal experts, if you want to avoid harsh sentences like life imprisonment, you should get in touch with us as soon as possible.


The broader and more intricate financial crimes often involve banks and other financial establishments. The Prosecution will look for the concealment within the disguised transfers of money and fake financial documentation. The legal experts of Efstathios C. Efstathiou LLC will analyse and provide a plausible explanation for any inconsistencies in such pieces of evidence.


Our firm Efstathios C. Efstathiou LLC, has legal experts specializing in such cases. If issues fall outside our domain, we outsource the case to one of our close contacts, who is well-versed in the area of expertise.


Now let us look at Article 296 of the Cyprus Criminal Code, which relates to Aggravated Burglary. “A person is guilty of aggravated burglary if he or she commits a burglary and—

  • At the time has with him or her any firearm or imitation firearm, any offensive weapon or any explosive or imitation explosive; or
  • At the time of entering the building or the part of the building a person was then present in the building or part of the building and he or she knew that a person was then so present or was reckless as to whether or not a person was then so present.”


The relevant provision has made clear what aggravated burglary is. It is the act of intrusion to steal or harm while equipping a weapon or perceived weapon and being aware that a confrontation might happen. Damage to the property is also a high possibility in such situations.


Our firm Efstathios C. Efstathiou LLC will make sure any investigations made against you aren’t a violation of your privacy. You will be represented to the best of our ability to be free from the charges and walk away without any blame.


Armed Robbery and its Elements


Armed robbery is another violent criminal offence with even stricter protocols set by the law. The Prosecution must produce evidence for a conviction and establish hard facts to create irrefutable charges against the offender.


The burden of proof upon the Prosecution concerning armed robbery charges requires that they establish that you carried out the thieving activity. This much is understood, but beyond that, they must also verify that you assaulted someone before, during, or after the theft. Another important detail that the Prosecution must prove is that you used violence or threatened its use.


If those facts are proven, then the Prosecution also has to establish the motive of theft. The final burden of proof is usage of a weapon or its imitation to commit the theft. If everything is proven against the client, it will be fatal for them and could also result in life imprisonment.


Our firm Efstathios C. Efstathiou LLC, routinely handles cases of armed robbery allegations and produces excellent defenses for all our clients. We have legal expertise and a dedicated team of specialist lawyers eager to represent you. We will go through the Prosecution’s evidence to find loopholes and flaws which can be used to strengthen your case.


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