Internet Crimes And Pornography

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What Are Internet Crimes?

Internet Crimes are a new type of Crimes. From credit card and identification theft, fraud, impersonation, child pornography, harassment, and child pornography, online crimes are growing bolder with each click of a mouse.



What Defences Do I Have?


Local police forces and other law enforcement agencies such as the Cyber Crime Office of Police of Cyprus) frequently patrol the internet and chat rooms where criminal activity is notorious for occurring.


In many cases, law enforcement has or will obtain search warrants and/or production orders to obtain information from your computer (including identifying subscriber information based on your IP address).  If a warrant or production order has been obtained, we will assess whether these warrants/orders were obtained in violation of your Constitutional rights.



What happens if i am found guilty?


Penalties for many internet crimes, such as child pornography are governed by onerous minimum punishments, which are outlined in Act 22 (III) / 2004, on the Law against Internet Crime. The Republic of Cyprus declared the Council of Europe’s Convention against Crime on the Internet. If you are convicted of accessing child pornography, possessing it, or making and/or distributing this material, the Law mandates that the only sentence available is a jail sentence. The length of these jail sentences varies depending on the offense you have been convicted of.


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