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Criminal Defense Services for Police Station Representation in Cyprus


Often, the authorities call people to give statements regarding a case. The people under investigation are termed suspects in a crime, and the police conduct interviews to shortlist candidates who could be the culprits. If you’re ever in a situation where you’re being questioned at a police precinct, it is highly recommended to have a briefing with legal experts beforehand. Having decades’ worth of legacy in legal matters, our firm Efstathios Efstathiou LLC has been leading the way in providing criminal defense cases for our clients. We have the legal aid option if you qualify under the terms, or we charge you for the services if you’re financially stable. Either way, your police station representation will be in good hands once we’re on the case.


You have a right to have legal counsel if you face any legal proceedings. A well-versed law expert assisting you in preparing to answer questions from the authorities at any time is essential.


Our firm Efstathios Efstathiou LLC is quite experienced in dealing with the most common misdemeanor offences. Some examples of minor offenses are unwanted sexual advances to another person by the offender under the influence of drugs or alcohol or sneakily stealing articles from another person.


Aside from minor offences, Efstathios Efstathiou LLC’s legal experts also handle allegations of major criminal offenses. A few illustrations of major crimes are sexual assault, killing with willful intent and pre-planning, and solicitation of child pornography.


You will be provided with a government-sponsored attorney if you cannot afford a legal representative. Still, it’s not guaranteed they will have a skilled Police Station Representation attorney like ours from Efstathios Efstathiou LLC. Unlike the government, our services are available around the clock every day of the week. We have a team dedicated to taking cases urgently for police station representation, showcasing our commitment to our clients.


Whether your case is severe or not, we at Efstathios Efstathiou LLC treat every client’s situation professionally. We always ensure that all legal preparation for our client’s defense is done under the strict supervision of our high-ranked members at every stage. In comparison, a public defense attorney will not be as experienced and will be fatigued due to their heavy workload.


Every Police Station Representation lawyer we at Efstathios Efstathiou LLC assign a case to will be fully dedicated to their case and extremely active in achieving the best possible outcome for the client. We also customize our legal services based on your preferences without making them too expensive.


The  Benefits of Our Preemptive Approach at Efstathios Efstathiou LLC


It’s a great advantage to have our legal experts at Efstathios Efstathiou LLC take over the legal proceedings. We don’t wait for things to happen before taking action. We secure your legal position and plan your defence arguments from the beginning, creating a timeline of events to keep track of any discrepancies.


Efstathios Efstathiou LLC is also known for convincing the authorities not to proceed with their Prosecution against our clients. We also obtain Court orders which prevent the authorities from dropping in at our client’s residence or workplace unannounced. This way, whenever there is any communication, it’s done within the presence of one of our expert attorneys, and our clients aren’t in the dark.


The legal experts of Efstathios Efstathiou LLC have extensive experience in Police Representation matters. They have a solid grasp of the importance and the vital role a good legal representative can play in securing a victory for the client. Getting us on board for your cases as soon as possible is highly recommended.


Efstathios Efstathiou LLC offers free first legal consultation to get an idea of the scope of your case, after which an initial fee quotation will be presented. The fee will depend on the case’s merits, the paperwork and documentation workload, the number of court visits, etc.


It doesn’t matter whether the proceedings of the Prosecution have just begun or you’ve already been convicted of an offence. Perhaps you’ve been detained by the authorities or paid bail to leave jail but are still being investigated for involvement in a crime. If any of these conditions have happened, you must contact our firm Efstathios Efstathiou LLC immediately.


Information Related to Legal Aid


It is a common problem for people who cannot afford private legal services to opt for legal aid. It is a government-sponsored fund for legal representation. There are qualifications for it you have to pass to be eligible, and in some cases, it can cover the entire legal cost of the proceedings.


The Cyprus Police Stations Where Efstathios Efstathiou LLC Provides Legal Services


Our legal services cover the following districts and police stations:

  1. Agros Police Station
  2. Kalo CHORIO Police Station
  3. Moni Police Station
  4. Troodos Police Station
  5. Platres Police Station
  6. Lania Police Station
  7. Pachna Police Station
  8. Pisouri Police Station
  9. Avdemou Police Station
  10. Episkopi Police Station


Police Station Representation – For Free Initial Consultation and Legal Advice, Reach Out to Us


Police Station Representation, is a must-have protection. We at Efstathios Efstathiou LLC pride ourselves on providing the best legal advice to our clients.


If you’re facing legal problems, call us at (+357) 22 755 618 immediately! Or get in touch with us today for a free consultation and ask any questions you might have. Our assistants will get back to you as soon as possible.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What are the alternatives to prosecution?

There are quite a few options available as alternative solutions instead of prosecution. They range from no further action which means the police are dropping charges. Another option is cautions, which means warning against future offences but releasing an offender for the moment.


Conditional caution is a modified version of a warning where if the conditions are violated, possibility of offences could rise. Fixed Penalty could also be used as a resolution to get the offender to not repeat their mistake. Community service is a sort of reformatory punishment which has proven to be a positively regarded method for minor offences.

Will I be ‘Bailed to Return’ or Released Under Investigation (RUI) after the interview?

Police generally released a person after bail payment, and assigned a date for return as well. The investigation doesn’t close after an interview so the authorities keep searching for clues and evidence, cross referencing them with previous statements of suspects to fish out a suspect.


In the practical experience of our lawyers at Efstathios Efstathiou LLC, it was observed that people under suspicion were called for returning to the police time and again. Bail would pay bail again and they would be released only to be asked to return.


Recent changes in law have placed curbs on the authorities from abusing the bail process. People will no longer be charged for bail constantly. Only if the officer deems it necessary will a person be required to pay bail, and that too will require approval of higher officials.


People under investigation will then be released and called in for interviews periodically as the cases progress. It’s best to hire professional legal services to handle the talks so that you don’t say anything that would cast suspicion over you.

How can a solicitor help me prepare for a police interview?

Legal experts know how to handle police pressure. First, your lawyers will ask the authorities for details of the accusations. After the information has been obtained your legal representative will conduct an in person discussion with you to highlight the strength of your case. You will be given carefully examined analysis of the evidence against you and how to handle the questions by the police.


Whatever words you speak, if you refuse to answer questions, and any actions you take, all impact your case proceedings. Having a seasoned criminal defence lawyer handle your decisions and guide you with answers is critical. Our firm Efstathios Efstathiou LLC has a team of lawyers who will provide you with the best plans for getting you out of your predicament.


If an interview has been arranged for you, you can communicate to the authorities your right to meet with your lawyer in advance. This way you will be better prepared for handling the police interview without any mental stress of being by yourself at a police station.

Do I need a solicitor for a police interview?

Yes, having a legal representative will better your chances of not incriminating yourself at police interviews. At Efstathios Efstathiou LLC, we have vast experience in handling cases of such matters for both major and minor offences.The management has assigned a portion of its workforce to a dedicated team of specialized legal experts for police representation cases. They are available at all times and every day of the week on a rotational basis.

Will I be Prosecuted?

Prosecutions aren’t easily carried out. The authorities have to establish the burden of proof and justify conviction by eliminating every aspect of doubt from their case against a person. Prosecution also has to be for the good of the public.


If the conditions aren’t met then it’s a high possibility that Prosecution will fail at securing a conviction. This will also open the opportunity to get the proceedings quashed and the person under investigation to be set free.


Having legal representation will maximise the chances of getting the legal proceedings stopped during initial stages.

What is a voluntary police interview under caution?

Interview under caution are also referred to as Caution plus 3 interviews are carried out by the authorities when they suspect someone regarding a crime. A person who is being interviewed will be allowed a legal representative to accompany them or have the interview arranged after a briefing with the legal counsel.

Will I be arrested?

The authorities have the power to arrest someone if it’s felt that it’s necessary. Arresting will lead to further probing by the police and they will detain you at the police station while search operations are conducted to places where you go frequently, and at your home.


Record of the arrest will be entered in the police database, your photograph, fingerprints and DNA samples will be kept for references for follow up investigations. Employment opportunities will also be impacted going forward and even if charges haven’t been pressed. Just the fact that you were arrested will lock you out of potential jobs.

What criminal offenses does Efstathios Efstathiou LLC provide legal representation for at police stations?

Efstathios Efstathiou LLC has entire divisions of its workforce dedicated to various criminal offenses. We select the lawyers to best represent our clients by matching their specialization based on the type of criminal allegations of the client. The chosen lawyer is sent to the police station to plead the case. A list of criminal offences with brief explanations for which we offer police representation is as follows:


–        Communication Offences – False statements made to cause anxiety, hurt sentiments, and also includes threats to a person or a group.

–        Serious Fraud – High-value financial crime, including insurance, investment fraud, bribery, and corruption.

–        Arson – Crimes involving igniting public or private property are included in arson.

–        Breach of Court Orders – Violating strict Court instructions.

–        Murder/Manslaughter – Killing a person with intent and preparations.

–        Youth Crime – Minors below 18 years if they commit a crime.

–        Offences Against the Person – These types of offences relate to physical assault on a person by another.

–        Weapons Offensives – Flaunting weapons in public and threatening people with them.

–        Conspiracies – Spreading propaganda and false claims to discredit and destabilise government and institutions.

–        Sexual Offences – All sexual acts without consent.

–        Public Order Offences – Actions that disturb the general public’s harmony and peace.

–        Extradition – Deporting a person to another country so they may face trials for the crimes they committed before fleeing the concerned country.

–        Money Laundering Offences – Disguising money earned from crimes as legitimate clean money.

–        Benefit Fraud – Claiming a benefit that isn’t entitled.

–        White Collar Crimes – Organisation officials engaged in corrupt practices of making money.

–        Drug Offences – Soliciting and distributing harmful drugs.

–        Animal Offences – Owning a pet that harms others.

–        Road Traffic Offences – Ignoring traffic rules and being reckless.

–        Terrorism – Organized use of force to achieve political objectives is terrorism.

–        Cybercrime – Using technology and the internet to commit crimes.

–        Theft Offences – Offences such as burglary, robbery, shoplifting, etc.

–        Offences Against Children – Sexual acts, indecent imagery, and video sharing with minors are offences against children.

–        Serious Crime – Criminal acts with strict and harsh punishments, like kidnapping and rape, are serious crimes.

–        Interfering/perverting the course of justice – Deliberate evidence tampering and influencing witnesses to mess with the investigation.

–        Criminal Damage – Physically breaking a property or turning it unusable.

What are the charges of legal services at police representation of Efstathios Efstathiou LLC?

You may pay an advance amount to secure the legal services of Efstathios Efstathiou LLC. If you wish for the legal representative to accompany you, separate charges will be applied based on your case’s circumstances and legal position.