Acts on highly complex matters, including those involving terrorism crimes and European Arrest Warrant

Two European Arrest Warrants were issued against our client for the alleged offences of terrorism and/or supporting a terrorist organization in Germany. Efstathios C. Efstathiou had argued successfully that the initial European Arrest warrant by German authorities was invalid because it was issued at the state level. After a preliminary order to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) , the Court of Justice considered Public prosecutor’s offices in Germany as not sufficiently independent to issue European arrest warrants (Joined Cases C-508/18 and C-82/19 PPU, OG and PI), The initial European Arrest Warrant was revoked by the Prosecution and the...

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Success for Constantinos (Kostis) Efstathiou in the Supreme Court

Success for Konstantinos (Costis) Efstathiou in the Supreme Court had been convicted back in 2014 after the three-judge panel of the criminal court in Paphos had, according to the recent Supreme Court ruling, “wrongfully taken into account the witness testimony of one of the municipal accountants as an expert on how coin parking metres operate”. The Supreme Court had ruled that the witness in question “was obviously not academically qualified to know how these coin-collecting machines work. He admitted himself that he was just an accountant and had only one month to learn how they worked. It appeared that the Criminal...

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