One of the major ways in which an existing business can grow is by buying another business. By acquiring a business, an entrepreneur can gain access to a new geographic area or a new product. Likewise, by buying a competitive business, the buyer can pursue market empowerment. Finally, to buy a business may simply be an investment opportunity and not aim at the daily engagement of the investor-buyer with the day-to-day management of the business.


Moreover, the purchase of an existing business is not only about other well-established companies that want to strengthen in a particular market. Acquiring an existing business is an “easy” way of gaining access to the market and for a new entrepreneur, since buying a ready-made business ensures a less risky market entry than the one that leads to the establishment of a new business.


Irrespective of the business objectives behind a business, the prospective buyer should be fully acquainted with the target business, decide on the takeover structure to be used, negotiate the terms of the purchase agreement, and to take care of the future security of the company to be purchased while protecting its individual interests as a buyer.


Our Team, reflects on the real needs of our clients, providing realistic and practical solutions to the Mergers and Acquisitions of a business. Besides this, what constitutes the whole transaction is the business objectives of our principals. We know that the most important thing in a business market is the negotiating power of the parties. We also know that due diligence can directly affect the parties’ negotiating power, thus bringing the prospective purchaser of the firm to a much better negotiating position in the transaction.


The ways of legal control of a business used by our Law Firm resemble with those used in foreign acquisitions and mergers since we believe that only in this way can a buyer of a business really be secured.


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