Selling A Business

We Can Help you Sell Your Business

Irrespective of the reason behind the sale of a business and irrespective of the sector in which the business to be sold operates, the seller’s main objective is to keep the price of his business as high as possible while limiting his future liability to minimum. For our lawyers, selling a business is not just a representation in sales and transfer contracts. Our law firm seeks to become as familiar with the business as it is sold, as well as to the seller, to identify the investment concerns of the parties and to ensure the safe transfer of the business by minimizing the future responsibilities of the seller.


In addition to choosing the structure of the deal, drafting the sales contract and negotiating its terms, selling a business requires careful planning throughout the transaction. From the birth of the idea of ​​leaving an entrepreneur-investor from the business to the final transfer, the careful exit strategy is required.


By translating the latest legal expertise into mergers and acquisitions from foreign jurisdictions such as England, the leading Merger & Acquisitions (M & A), our lawyers advise on all issues arising from the sale of a business, exit strategies, and earned up to complex issues of international acquisitions and partnerships.


Our Team (attorneys in Nicosia and Athens) advises on issues of business selling even when there is (or is created) an international dimension in a sale of a business, in order to use English law in the contract – a phenomenon that is mainly observed in the acquisition of hotel units. Our office advises individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, boarders, institutional investors, and hedge funds across the range of Mergers and Acquisitions under Cyprus and English Law.