Offences Against Property

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What are Offences against property?

Property Offences refer to a category of Crimes that includes Burglary, motor Vehicle Theft, Theft, Arson, vandalism and shoplifting. It involves the taking of property or money and does not include a threat or force or use of Force against the victim.

What defences do I have?

As a general rule of Criminal Law Offences is that the Prosecutor’s case must prove all of the elements of an offence which an accused person faces. Efstathios C. Efstathiou Criminal Defense will identify any potential weaknesses of the Prosecutor’s case and will assess whether the evidence obtained by the Police as a result of a search, were conducted in violation of constitutional rights: Resulting evidence may be inadmissible in your trial.

What happens if I am found guilty?

Under the Cyprus Criminal Code, the penalty for property offences ranges from small fines to periods of imprisonment depending on the circumstances of your case and the specific offence that you have been found guilty of.  Factors including whether or not you were in a position of trust (ie. employer & employee) can result in a more severe penalty.

The lawyers at Efstathiou Criminal Defence will walk you through all of the potential consequences and penalties you face if you are found guilty once understanding the unique complexities of your case.